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  • Xenta - N300 Wireless Network Range Extender

    Extend the range of your Wi-Fi network
    Simple and compact plug-in design
    Includes wired RJ45 Ethernet port
    Simple setup process
    • Product Description

      The Xenta Wireless N300 Range Extender has been designed to easily extender your existing wireless network to allow coverage in the weak areas around your home.

      Installation couldn't be easier, simply press the WPS key on your router, followed by the WPS key on the range extender to give extended wireless coverage.

      The Xenta Wireless N300 Range Extender also offers additional functionality, allowing it to be used with non-WPS compatible routers by following a few simple steps.

      Additionally, Wireless Access Point functionality is supported, allowing you to make a wired connection wireless.

      The Xenta Wireless N300 Range Extender has 2dBi ceramic chip antennas providing even better wireless performance, transmission rates and stability technology automatically avoids channel conflicts using itis automatic channel selection feature.