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Xenta Briefcase Vinyl Turntable
  • Xenta Briefcase Vinyl Turntable

    £60.00 Regular Price
    £45.00Sale Price
    Vinyl record player
    Briefcase design perfect for travel and storage
    45RPM adapter included
    Stereo speakers
    • Product Description

      Rediscover vinyl

      Anything retro is popular nowadays but more and more of us are yarning for the good old days of vinyl records. Those of us who had record collections want to revisit our past whilst others are just discovering how much better music sounds on vinyl compared to CDs and downloads.

      Take your music with you

      Or least take your turntable. Built into a handy and smart carry case the Xenta turntable is very portable. The sturdy handle and robust finish of the case makes it easy to carry and able to withstand light bumps and knocks.

      Play all your old records

      The turntable comes complete with a 45RPM adapter so both singles and LPs can be played. Each stereo speaker delivers 2.5W to bring the best out of your treasured vinyl records. The turntable has all the features you would expect including speed selector, tone arm with autostop and a headphone jack for private listening.

      Key Features

      • Vinyl record player
      • 45RPM adapter included
      • Stereo speakers (2.5W per speaker)
      • Headphone jack
      • Aux ports (left and right)
      • Auto stop on or off

      What's in the box?

      • Turntable
      • Power adapter
      • 3.5mm Jack to RCA lead
      • 45RPM adapter
      • Needle (Fixed on to the unit)
      • User manual
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