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  • VIGICA 2.1A USB Charger 13A WiFi Wall Socket Smart Switch Outlet Plug

    • Alexa Voice, Google home, Google Nest, IFTTT Voice Control without the need for a separate hub or paid subscription service
    • You can remote control the Double Switched Wall Socket individually or group control all ports by one click,you don't have to worry about forgetting turn off the power of appliances when you leaves home
    • 2 AC socket each socket current max power 13A. Dual USB ports, each port current voltage is 5V/2.1A. Required a secured 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection
    • You can set up an automated on / off schedule in the Smart App, control multiple devices with one phone or a multi-phone power strip, works for both IOS and Android smartphones.Multi-Socket One-touch key to set the device charging time, effectively prevent overcharge
    • Both sockets are individually controlled using the Smart Life app and both can be turned on or off singularly or as a pair, The switches on the socket are master switches so if you turn them off then you cannot switch on via the app.The USB ports do not have a separate switch