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Juice🥤1Amp Micro USB Mains Charger 🔌
  • Juice🥤1Amp Micro USB Mains Charger 🔌

    If your BlackBerry, Samsung or HTC mobile or tablet is running out of power then use this fantastic JUICE charger to give it a boost. The charger works like any other plug but is just a bit funkier for those that are bored with the same old plugs. The charger comes with a purple cable so you can see immediately what wire you need to plug in to your device. JUICE also comes with a funky bag to store your charger in while you are on the move. JUICE is new, JUICE is fresh and it is an essential accessory for the Smartphone Generation.
    JUICE is a new brand of mobile phone chargers and charging solutions developed to make charging your phone a little bit more interesting. All the JUICE chargers come merchandised in a fully recyclable UK produced carton and come as standard with a funky carry bag to put your charger in when on the move. JUICE chargers also have different coloured cables so you can tell which lead you need to give you Smartphone or tablet that all important boost: green for Apple, purple for BlackBerry, Samsung and HTC and bright orange for the universal product.
    Box Contains
    Juice Micro USB Charger 
    Storage bag
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